How to Use Figma to Create Wireframes

How to Use Figma to Create Wireframes

Wireframes are a way to visualize the layout and structure of an app or website before it is fully designed. They are often used early in the design process to ensure that stakeholders understand the proposed design and can provide feedback.

There are several ways to create wireframes, including using a pen and paper or software like Figma. The choice is ultimately up to you, but if you do decide to use software to create your wireframes, there are many great plugins that can make the process more productive and efficient.

Creating wireframes in figma

One of the best things about using figma for wireframes is that you can easily share them with your team for quick feedback and collaborative design iterations. The platform is also browser-based, so you can access your files from anywhere that has internet connection.

Getting Started with Wireframes in Figma

To begin creating wireframes in figma, you’ll need to open the platform and create a new project. Once you have created a new project, you can choose to use the template for a wireframe or create your own. Then, you can begin adding content to your wireframe by using the Objects and Text tools.

Add Colors to Your Wireframe

Choosing colors for your wireframe can be tricky, so it’s important to keep them simple and not overpower the design. If you don’t use the right colors, your wireframe will look unprofessional and won’t be easy to read.

Use a Template to Help You Get Started in Figma

There are many free templates available on the figma community that you can use to jumpstart your design process. These templates will allow you to quickly build your wireframe and focus on the core features of your product or website.

Save Your Work With a Plugin

There are a few free plugins that will save you time as you create your wireframes in figma. These plugins will help you collaborate with your teammates and create the perfect wireframe for your project.

Figma Chat by Phil is a great plugin for working with your team and colleagues on your wireframes in figma. This plugin helps you have contextual conversations with your teammates and colleagues in figma by simply selecting the layers or objects you want to talk about on your figma page.

Better Font Picker by Nitin Gupta is a plugin that can help you select the best fonts for your designs. This is especially useful if you’re working on art projects in figma and aren’t sure which fonts will look best.

Find and Replace by Jackie Chui is an excellent plugin for making quick changes to your text in figma. It can search for all the texts on your design and then replace them with the correction text you enter.

Whether you’re working on a quick and dirty or high-fidelity wireframe, this plugin will be invaluable to you. The plugin works on both mobile and web wireframes and can quickly generate a unique & high-quality SVG placeholder text.

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