How to Make a Transfer in mBank

How to Make a Transfer in mBank

A transfer is a way to record the movement of money between two bank accounts. For example, you might want to make a loan or deposit from one account to another.

mBank offers several types of loans that can help you buy a flat, a house or a car. You can also apply for a cash loan or a revolving credit for any other purpose you might have.

You can use mBank to make your payments and transfers, even if you do not have a bank card. Using this service is a great way to save time and get the money you need when you need it.

The first step is to set up the mBank app on your mobile device. The application will then give you access to all your mBank accounts on your phone or tablet and can be used to make transfers too.

Installing the mBank app on your mobile device is simple. Just download it from Google Play or the mBank – former MultiBank App page and then follow the onscreen instructions to install it. The app will then be installed on your device, displaying a progress bar.

When the installation is complete, you will be able to log into the app using your Customer ID and Password as you would for standard Internet Banking. You can then view and manage your mBank accounts, cards, loans and term deposits.

To add a transfer, open the Transfer List window by navigating to Main Menu > Shipping/Receiving and clicking Transfer. If you need to filter the list, click Filter.

The Filter window allows you to enter or select search values as needed to specify the transfers that you want to list. If you leave a field blank or select All, all values are included in the search.

If you have any notes to include with the transfer, click Notes. These can be any additional information about the transfer that you want to include, such as a reason for the transfer, or a document to attach to the note.

Once you have entered all the required information, click Save. You can then return to the Transfer List window and edit the transfer.

You can also accept or reject the transfer by clicking Accept. If you accept the entire transfer, the status changes to Approved and the item is added to the transfer list. If you reject an individual item, the status changes to Not Approved and the item is removed from the transfer list.

When you make a transfer, it is saved in the Transfer List with a status of Transfer In Progress and the transaction can be viewed later. If the status of the transfer is not Transfer In Progress, it is shown in the Transfer Detail window.

In the Transfer Detail window, you can change the items that you are transferring, add and remove them and make other changes to the transfer. For example, you can change the location of the transfer, and you can create a new request to send the transfer.

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