How to Create Reports in Google Sheets

How to Create Reports in Google Sheets

Whether you’re a business owner, a marketing manager, or simply need to create a report, Google Sheets can help you get your data organized and visualized. The tool empowers everyone to uncover valuable insights from their data by surfacing relevant formulas, visualizing trends, and creating reports with customizable visualizations.

Share and Protect Your Data

Once your spreadsheet is set up, you can share it with people who have edit, comment, or view permissions. Select who has access and customize their permissions to make sure only those you trust have the ability to see the information you’re sharing. Choose to show an error warning when someone attempts to edit or to only display a view of the data for those who need to see it.

Calculate Your Data With Formulas

Using formulas in Google Sheets is a great way to save time and mitigate errors. These tools allow you to automatically calculate numbers for you and apply them across all of your cells. You can use them to calculate totals, sums, and more without having to type it all down manually.

Filter Your Data With Filters

You can filter your data by condition, value, or alpha or numeric order to find exactly what you’re looking for. This can be especially useful when you have a lot of data to work with, and want to only see what’s important.

For example, you may want to create a report that only shows sites that have a number greater than 1000. To do this, you’d want to select “Data” > “Create a Filter.”

In the Filters menu, select “Count if equal to.” This will count the number of unique values in the column and then display those values.

Create a Template

One of the most useful features of Google Sheets is its ability to easily create a template from a file. This makes it easy to reuse a document and keep it updated with new data. When you’re ready to use the Template, simply click on it and you’ll be taken to a template dashboard where you can start editing and running queries for your data.

Create a Report with Apps Script

With Apps Script, you can easily automate reporting with your Google Sheets data. Once you’ve created the script, it can be sent to email as an HTML or PDF report, on a schedule or whenever there are critical changes in your metrics.

Connect to Live Data in CDataConnect Cloud

With CData Connect Cloud, you can capture live, real-time data from over 100+ SaaS and Big Data sources. You can then build custom visualizations and reports with this data, directly from your Looker Studio workbook.

Explore Your Data With Google AI

Google has built a lot of artificial intelligence into its suite of products, including the Google Sheets app. This means that Google is always trying to figure out what the best ways are to analyze your data and turn it into charts or other helpful visualizations. It can even answer questions about your data in plain English. It’s a feature that should become an integral part of your workflow.

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